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An XML sitemap is a website file on your website, that lists the pages you want search engines to index. It also helps search engines understand your website structure and they also use it to when re-indexing your website, to see the newly added pages that are supposed to be indexed.

In Shopify, the Sitemap is automatically generated for each store on the platform. It is accessible by adding /sitemap.xml after your domain name in the browser, after the domain name of your store, for example -

You cannot exclude specific pages from the sitemap in Shoipfy, however, by using Smart SEO you can decide which pages are included in the Sitemap.

How to add your Sitemap to Google Search Console through Smart SEO
How to manage your sitemap with Smart SEO

How to add your Sitemap to Google Search Console through Smart SEO

To submit your Sitemap to the Google with a single click in Smart SEO, you have to to connect Smart SEO to your Google Search Console. To do that, click the Connect to Google Webmaster Tools button on the Sitemap page:

In order for the feature to properly work, you need to give Smart SEO permissions to your Google account.

If you have not added your website to Google Search Console yet, you will see a "Add website to search console" button, that will allow you to add your website to Google Search Console:

How to manage your sitemap with Smart SEO

Once you are connected, you can manage which pages in your store are included/excluded in the Shopify sitemap. There are 5 sections - Products, Collections, Blogs, Articles and Pages:

To exlude a given product, all you have to do is go to the Products tab and click the Exclude button. And to include it back simply click Include:

And once you are done with managing your sitemap, go back to the Sitemap tab and click the Submit sitemap to Google button:

You can always check the last date/time when the sitemap was submited.

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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